Evidence Of A Young Earth
Evidence Of A Young Earth

Evidence Of A Young Earth

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Evidence Of A Young Earth
Evidence Of A Young Earth

Evidence Of A Young Earth

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Evidence Of
A Young Earth

Rapid Formation


Surtsey Island, Iceland,  "million-year"

features were formed in 10 years. 

Millions of nautiloid fossils prove rapid Grand Canyon limestone formation

Rapid manganese nodule formation

"around beer cans"

Universe and Galaxies


Spiral galaxies are missing millions of years worth of collisions

Nine billion years of missing metal

in a trillion stars

The pinwheel arms of spiral galaxies should deform after a million years

Dinosaur Soft Tissue


Dinosaur soft tissue discovered from an allegedly "80 million" year old Hadrosaur

Soft tissue found in

TWO Triceratops

Allegedly "65-million" year old

Tyrannosaurus rex soft tissue

Polystrate Fossils


This tree in Joggins, Nova Scotia did

not stand for a million years

80-foot baleen whale fossil proves

rapid diatom deposition

School of jellyfish fossilized in 7 "million-year" layers

Genomes and Earth History


Sponges share 70% of human genes, contradicting genetic predictions

Marine worm infects trunk of

Darwin's tree; to be felled soon

Kangaroo DNA unexpectedly contains huge chunks of the human genome

Physics and Geochronology


Earth's magnetic field

is decaying rapidly

Carbon 14: everywhere

it's not supposed to be

Rocks form rapidly yet can

"date" as old

Dinosaur-Layer Biological Tissue


Biological material from an allegedly

"150-million" year old Archaeopteryx

Indisputable Mosasaur soft tissue survives, allegedly for 70 million years

Scientists extract DNA from allegedly 130-million year old weevil

Stars and Planets


A faint young sun would have kept the

Earth in a deep freeze

Millions of years of missing Stage 3

Supernova Remnants

Saturn's C Ring approaching the planet at 100 km/year

National Park Corrections


Yellowstone removes petrified tree sign

that falsely indicated an old-age process

Visiting a National Park soon?

Please keep an eye out for...

Rapid Topographical Changes